T-BOXX G IBS 45 Dual Layer

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Made in Germany, legendary T-BOXX has been upgraded to new G series providing the next level flexibility for the trades professional. 

  • Small components in view at all times 
  • Parts will not flow from one compartment to the other due to the internal lock system
  • Easy to carry with a rubberized grip 
  • Cost-saving due to long service life 
  • Flexibility via the removal and re-configuration of individual insert boxes   

T-BOXX G incl. IB-Set 45 Stk. H31

Ref. No.:  1000011129 | Match code: STB G 45STK H31
  • Intermediate partition for organisation at two levels
  • Small components in view at all times
  • comfortable to carry
  • Cost-savings due to long service life
  • flexible by the removal of individual inset boxes
  • Color: coolgrey
  • Weight: 3,37 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 350 mm x 440 mm x 80 mm

    Product Details 

    The T-BOXX G, including 45 inset boxes H31, contains an intermediate partition for organisation at two levels (inset box top allocation: 22x inset boxes 1x1 H31, 11x inset boxes 1x2 H31; inset box bottom allocation: 12x inset boxes 2x2 H31). This means the space in the T-BOXX G can be optimally exploited for a large number of different small parts.

    The T-BOXX G creates order in your day-to-day work! Thanks to the transparent polycarbonate cover, you always have your small components in view and can transport them safely and well organised to every workplace. You can rearrange the inset boxes as required and even remove individual inset boxes at any time. Using the inset box set to sub-divide the T-BOXX G provides an excellent overview of all your small components and consumables. However, the T-BOXX G is more than just a practical organiser and transport system – it also makes you more efficient in your daily work. On the one hand, you save yourself time-consuming searching for materials and consumables, while, on the other, you keep an eye on the stock of your small components at all times so that you can see at an early stage when you need to re-order to avoid downtimes.

    Thanks to its plastic structure, the T-BOXX G is ultra-lightweight, robust and impact-resistant, and is thus suitable for every application. The Sortimo T-BOXX G is a wonderful organiser in your day-to-day work, since its rubberised handle lets you carry it comfortably and the large opening angle of the lid provides unrestricted access to your materials.

    The T-BOXX G can be integrated in all Sortimo van racking systems and the WorkMo and thus helps you to transport your small components from your store to your place of work – end to end. The T-BOXX G is also winning fans, thanks to its wide range of fastening options. The useful hook-in adapter means that the T-BOXX G can be fastened with ease in your workshop, store and onto the hinged doors of your vehicle.(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

    Technical details
    Maximum payload in kg 10,4
    Color coolgrey
    Weight 3,37 kg
    Inside dimensions (LxWxH) 301,0 x 437,0 x 60,0 mm
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 350 mm x 440 mm x 80 mm
    Material(s) PP Plastic




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