Metal case KM330

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Metal case KM 330

Ref. No.:  5228390 | Match code: KM 330
  • Simplified working through one-handed operation
  • individually adaptable interior
  • can be integrated into all Sortimo transport solutions
  • Foam insert minimises annoying rattling noises
  • comfortable to carry
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 440 mm x 330 mm x 100 mm

The KM 330 metal case convinces with its reliable, practical and timeless organisation system. Thanks to various equipping possibilities with inset boxes, the KM 330 metal case can be completely adapted to your branch specific requirements. This means you can organise and safely store your consumables and tools as well as transporting them smoothly to the place of operation. .

Carrying comfort, practical one-hand operation with a 120 degree stop bracket on the cover and the flexibility of organisation create a high standard of work convenience. In the cover of the metal case you will find as standard a foam cover insert which prevents mixing up of the contents contained in the case as well as protecting from damages.

Using the plastic slides, the case tray or the multislide allows the metal case to be integrated in the van racking systems from Sortimo and the WorkMo Module.

The layout of the inset boxes can be rearranged as required, it is also possible to remove individual inset boxes. The inset boxes also enable you to keep an eye on your current stock of small components and consumables, letting you react in good time to shortages and avoiding downtimes.
The small components case is winning over fans as a reliable and practical organiser. Full loads and heavy equipment present no restrictions when it comes to the case’s functionality. Practical one-hand operation with a 120 degree stop bracket on the cover and its flexible organisation deliver a high level in work convenience. The ergonomically shaped handle on the front makes the small components case very comfortable to handle and easy to carry. The foam lid insert, included as standard, seals the top of the inset boxes, preventing the contents from becoming mixed up. The small components case can be easily integrated into the Sortimo van racking system and WorkMo modules.(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)


Technical details
Maximum payload in kg 12
Color Blue
Weight 3 kg
Inside dimensions (LxWxH) 316,0 x 421,0 x 94,0 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 440 mm x 330 mm x 100 mm
Depth in mm 355 (depth 4)
Material(s) Steel

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