Flex load stopper

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Ref. No.:   6000015343 |  Match code: STS 2.0 FLB |  EAN: 4014599702036

  • Simple to fit
  • Can be positioned universally on the cross member
  • Creates a side stop for the load
  • Quick to adjust without tools
  • 130 mm high
  • External dimensions (LxWxH): 182 x 105 x 51 mm
  • Weight: 0,29 kg
  • Colour: Black/Blue
Technical details
Weight 0,29 kg
Material(s) PA6
Galvanized steel
high-grade steel

The Flex load stopper can be used as a side stop for the load across the entire width of the cross member or as a side support.

Its shape, which opens upwards, allows it to be conveniently secured so that the load can be directly lashed down with ProSafe tensioning belts. It is fixed in place by turning the star-shaped grip manually to tighten, which also enables its position to be quickly changed. This function is not only practical but also saves an enormous amount of time which can be more lucratively deployed with your customer.

The complete set consists of sturdy, fibreglass-reinforced plastic and corrosion-resistant steel. The drilling screw, also supplied, provides additional securing when used as a side support.

(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)


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