WorkMo 24-750 with 8 service case rails

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WorkMo 24-750 with 8 service case rails

Ref. No.:  1000004447 | Match code: WO 24-750 KS1
  • equipped with 8 service case rails
  • suitable for 3 L-BOXXes 136, as well as an L-BOXX 102
  • suitable for 4 metal cases 340, as well as one metal case 330
  • Stackable functional modules
  • Fast and easy to build
  • Weight: 8,7 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 396 mm x 526 mm x 744 mm

    This module is equipped with eight service case rails which can in turn be equipped with L-BOXXes or metal cases as desired. One possibility is equipping with a maximum of one L-BOXX 102 and three L-BOXXes 136 or the variant with a maximum of one metal case 330 and three metal cases 340. The service case rails have a locking function integrated, which prevents the BOXXes and cases from slipping out uncontrollably. The BOXXes or cases must be lifted slightly to remove them.

    The WorkMo Module consists of weight optimised Aluminium and Plastic and they can be combined and coupled with each other. They can be very simply transformed into a mobile workstation at your workplace and enable you to work ergonomically anywhere you may be. The WorkMo also serves as a practical mobile workshop within your workshop, wherein tools and work utensils can be stored. The extensive accessories programme provides a multitude of possibilities for adapting the WorkMo to your individual requirements. The system is made mobile by the addition to the WorkMo of the roller board or roller adapter.(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)
Technical details
Weight 8,7 kg
Inside dimensions (LxWxH) x x mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 396 mm x 526 mm x 744 mm
Material(s) n/s
Maximum cover resilience in kg 100

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