Divider short tool tray WorkMo

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Divider short tool tray WorkMo

Ref. No.:  1000004487 | Match code: WO WKZA TB KURZ
  • Suitable for the tool tray WorkMo
  • subdivides the tray in width
  • Color
  • Weight
    0,1 kg
  • Maße (LxBxH)
    330 mm x 65 mm x 10 mm

    With the short dividers, the tool tray WorkMo (Ref. No.1000004390) can be subdivided transverse. As a result, creating compartments for the separation of e.g. Tools and consumables. The size of the compartment is again adapted to the Sortimo measuring system and can consequently be flexibly equipped with diverse inset boxes. Small components and tools from your T-BOXX or L-BOXX are thereby always ready at hand for your work.

    A maximum of three short dividers, inserted in the breadth, can be used for the subdivision of the tool tray. Using a combination of the long dividers is not possible.

    (Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

    Technical details
    Color Silver
    Weight 0,1 kg
    Innenmaße (LxBxH) x x mm
    Maße (LxBxH) 330 mm x 65 mm x 10 mm
    Material(ien) Aluminium

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