Plastic slide bottom for 04-0 FB (None Edge) SR5 shelf or 04-0 FBR (H2,H4 Edge) SR5 shelf

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Plastic slide bottom 04-0 FB SR5 for none edge SR5 04-0 Shelf

Ref. No.:   6000011586 |  Match code: AZSU 04-0 SR5 | EAN: 4045294760229
  • For SR5 shelf bottom SR-Boxx fitting
  • One unit without fastens 
Technical details
Dimensions (LxWxH) 336 mm x 60 mm x 27,6mm
Weight 0,2 kg


Option A: Fit under FB (none edge) SR5 04-0 Shelf  

Plastic slide main body to fit under the FB (none edge) SR5 04-0 Shelf to accommodate SR-BOXX

Must be equipped with shelf adaptor AZSU 04-0 solo SR5 6000011588


Option B: Fit under FBR (WITH H2 Low edge or H4 High edge) SR5 04-0 Shelf to accommodate SR-BOXX. No additional adaptor required. 


Fastens (Must): 

Fastens to match If to fit through top slide rails 1000012483 (sold separately) 

Fastens to match if to fit through shelf only 1000012484 (sold separately) 

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