SR-BOXX 24-8 XL inkl. IB-Set 6 St. H95

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SR-BOXX 24-8 XL inkl. IB-Set 6 St. H95

Ref. No.:   1000012524 |  Match code: SRB 24-8 XL IB 6 | EAN: 4045294773656
  • includes insetbox set 6 pcs. H95 SR5
  • Can be used on the top and bottom of SR5 shelves
  • Convenient access to the contents thanks to pull-out function
  • individually adaptable interior
  • can be labeled with mySortimo labels
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 443,7 mm x 347,8 mm x 128 mm
  • Weight: 1,92 kg
  • Color: Coolgrey

  • This SR-BOXX features an insetbox set, which provides 6 subdivision options for the secure and tidy transport of all your small components. Integrated divider guides (from insetbox size 1x2 onwards), in conjunction with the dividers included in the set, offer additional subdivision options, making it even more flexible and efficient.

    (The insetbox set consists of: 2 x insetboxes 1.5x4 H95, 2 x insetboxes 2x2 H95, 2 x insetboxes 2x6 H95, 2 x dividers IB 1.5x4 H95, 2 x dividers IB 1x0 H95 and 2 x dividers IB 2x0 H95).

    The SR-BOXX 24-8 XL is the ideal storage option for small parts of all kinds. The functionality of the SR-BOXXes is unique in van racking systems. The option of integrating them both on top of and underneath shelves in the van racking system means that the available space is used to its full potential. The pull-out function allows convenient access to the contents at all times. Lift slightly to completely remove the BOXX from the van racking system.

    The optionally available transparent lid SR-BOXX 24 XL closes the SR-BOXX dust-tight, and protects the contents from dirt.

    For ideal workplace organisation, the SR-BOXXes can be labelled with mySortimo labels. Combined with the Sortimo colour code, time spent searching for components is minimised and refilling is easier. An SR label clip is required if the label is used.

    The interior space of the SR-BOXX 24-8 XL can be partitioned across the width using up to two dividers 04-8 XL. 

    (Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

    Technical details
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 443,7 mm x 347,8 mm x 128 mm
    Inside dimensions (LxWxH) 282,8 mm x 415,9 mm x 123,0 mm
    Weight 1,92 kg
    Material(s) PP Plastic
    Color Coolgrey
    Grid width 2
    Grid depth 4
    Grid height 8
    Maximum payload in kg 12
    Variation with insetboxes
    Suitable for shelves depth 4

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