Divider SR-BOXX 00-8 L

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    DividerSR-BOXX 00-8 L

    Ref. No.:  6000011621 | Match code: TW SRB 00-8 L
    • Suitable for SR-BOXX 03-8 L and 04-8 L
    • Sub-divides SR-BOXXes into several compartments
    • Transport various small components within a BOXX
    • Color
    • Weight
      0,06 kg
    • Maße (LxBxH)
      14,8 mm x 272,9 mm x 112,5 mm

      The SR-BOXX 00-8 L divider lets SR-BOXXes 03-8 L and 04-8 L be partitioned into two or four areas. This lets you transport small components required for work together in a SR-BOXX to site, without them becoming mixed up. Time-consuming searches for the correct parts thus become a thing of the past.

      (Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

      Technical details
      Color coolgrey
      Weight 0,06 kg
      Innenmaße (LxBxH) x x mm
      Maße (LxBxH) 14,8 mm x 272,9 mm x 112,5 mm
      Passend für SR-BOXX 03-8 L
      SR-BOXX 04-8 L
      Material(ien) PS

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