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  • Adhesive labels, assorted, for BOXXes/cases/clips 12 in number (1 sheet)

    Ref. No.:  6000011233 | Match code: SR ETIKETT 1BOG
    • Individual external labelling of BOXXes, cases and SR labelling clips
    • Gives a quick overview of the content
    • Sortimo colour coding for visual identification
    • Saves time, thanks to the improved overview & quick access to tools or small components
    • Durable, thanks to tear-resistant and moisture-resistant material with good adhesion
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    • Weight
      0,02 kg
    • Measurements (LxWxH)
      297 x 210 x 0 mm


    The assorted mySortimo label sheet includes adhesive labels in a 85 mm x 38 mm format in six pre-printed colours. It includes sufficient labels for a total of 12 BOXXes, cases and SR clips.

    One sheet includes the following number of adhesive labels:

    - 2 red labels

    - 2 yellow labels

    - 2 orange labels

    - 2 light green labels

    - 2 dark green labels

    - 2 blue labels

    Individually and conveniently label your BOXXes, cases and SR labelling clips with the mySortimo adhesive labels. Labelling creates order and you always have an optimum overview of the contents. Sortimo colour coding for effective visual identification. The labels can be quickly and easily printed on your laser printer with the aid of a free PDF template. The adhesive labels are made of tear-resistant and moisture-resistant material, their strong adhesion is impressive and, as a result, they are especially durable.


    Technical details
    Colour View description
    Weight 0,02 kg
    Measurements (LxWxH) 297 x 210 x 0 mm
    Suitable for L-BOXX 102 G4
    L-BOXX 136 G4
    L-BOXX 238 G
    L-BOXX 374 G
    LS-BOXX 306 G
    i-BOXX rack G
    Small components case 320
    Small components case 330
    Small components case 340
    Small components case 350
    T-BOXX G