L-BOXX Trolley

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Ref. No.:  121015412 | Match code: LB ROLL
  • Fits the L-BOXX range
  • Load-bearing up to 100 kg
  • Four castors (two of which are lockable)
  • Provides for the simultaneous transport of several BOXXes
  • Saves lots of back and forth trips – also saving time
  • Colour: Grey-White
  • Weight: 3,92 kg
  • Measurements (LxWxH): 510 mm x 650 mm x 150 mm

    Transport the entire L-BOXX range conveniently as a connected unit on the L-BOXX trolley. It is made of plastic and wins out on account of its low net weight and excellent load-bearing strength of up to 100 kg. The four castors, two of which are lockable, provide for easy manoeuvring even in narrow spaces.

    Practical accessories for the L-BOXX trolley make it even more functional: The restraining strap for the trolley allows you to additionally secure the BOXXes. Furthermore, you have the possibility of fastening the L-BOXX trolley to the van racking system or divider using the retaining plate, thereby saving space.

    The trolley makes you and your work materials mobile, at the same time as saving on back and forth trips to your van, as you can immediately take several BOXXes with you to your place of work. Use the time saved more lucratively with your customer.


    (Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

    Technical details
    Maximum capacity in kg 100
    Colour Grey-White
    Weight 3,92 kg
    Interior measurements (LxWxH) x x mm
    Measurements (LxWxH) 510 mm x 650 mm x 150 mm
    Suitable for L-BOXX 102 G4
    L-BOXX 136 G4
    L-BOXX 238 G
    L-BOXX 374 G
    LS-BOXX 306 G
    i-BOXX rack G
    L-BOXX 102 (pre-1.05.2018)
    L-BOXX 136 (pre-1.05.2018)
    L-BOXX 238 (pre-1.05.2018)
    L-BOXX 374 (pre-1.05.2018)
    LS-BOXX 306 (pre-1.05.2018)
    LT-BOXX (pre-1.05.2018)
    i-BOXX Rack (pre-1.05.2018)
    Materials ABS

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