Simpleco Creation Step 1 - Base/Extension Unit To Suit Vehicle

This is the first step to custom build your Simpleco van racking system

In this collection, you can make choice of style/number of modular system you want to fit in the van. We have also listed the unit which will be suitable for your vehicle.

You can configure your van with:

  • Just a single module either passenger or driver side
  • A single module placed both side of the van
  • Extension unit to join onto the base unit to make use the full length of the floorspace
Simpleco system is modular, therefore, can be easily added any time.
You don't have to set up the whole system in one go, but adding only the space/shelf/module you need with your expansion of tools/parts.
After your selection of the base/extension unit for your vehicle, you then can move onto the second step to add more shelf/drawer/lifting panel to maximize the height utilization of your simpleco system                                               

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