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The new LS-BOXX it offers more than you expect

Sortimo’s smallest mobile in-vehicle equipment combines a machine case, a tool case and a small components case all in one compact unit that can be integrated with your Globelyst, Simpleco and CarMo equipment in your van or estate car.

The LS-BOXX can be click-joined with all other boxes and accessory elements of the L-BOXX family (L-BOXXes 102, 136, 238, 374, roller, caddy). The LS BOXX has a large compartment with a lid for the storage of your valuable electric machines such as a cordless screwdriver, a drill, a compass saw, etc.

The front side of the box offers room for two removable i-BOXXes for small parts or an i-BOXX in combination with a drawer for your tools.

The LS-BOXX is perfect to store all your needs for one particular regular job. Cut all waste time in finding, filling what you need or back and forth for missed items. All parts, tools stored in one box. 

Once you used this innovative LS-BOXX, you can't work without it. 

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