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The New i-BOXX Lightweight Yet Robust 

The transparent lid of the Sortimo i-BOXX allows you to see straight away what is in the box. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as ABS plastic in combination with Polycarbonate (CPO) Sortimo offers you a sturdy and well coordinated product.

The i-BOXXes are easy to remove from the LS-BOXX. The integrated handle ensures comfortable carrying. When re-inserting the i-BOXXes in the LS-BOXXes, they lock and can be transported securely without any further locking mechanism. The i-BOXX is available in heights of 53 mm and 72 mm. It can be equipped with our inset boxes for different materials. All inset boxes have a different color code and can be used individually.

Attractively priced small drawer for the safe transport of small components such as screws, washers, dowels as well as wire end sleeves.

Create your flexible storage solution today 

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